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Relevant Traffic is a New Stratus Insight Exclusive Feature

(November 5, 2020) – In the latest app release (5.17.0), we included a cool new feature that allows you to do more than simply hide distant traffic. Relevant Traffic gives you the ability to filter traffic at different ranges–nautical miles and altitude–in relation to your aircraft’s position. 

Start by tapping on the new “Targets” button that appears when you have ADS-B traffic displayed on your map. It will list the number of targets being monitored, but the map will only show the aircraft falling within the range you selected.

Appareo Announces Stratus Insight Integration with Avidyne IFD Series Navigators

(August 27, 2020) – Appareo today announced the integration of Appareo’s Stratus Insight EFB with Avidyne’s newest FMS and GPS navigator products, Helios and Atlas. This integration allows for bidirectional communication between the application and the navigator. This capability is also currently available for Avidyne customers flying with the IFD 440, 540, and 550 GPS navigators. Learn more in the Appareo press release.

ATC Radio Transcription & Playback is Available With Stratus Insight

(May 14, 2020) – This new AI technology is the baseline for exciting features we have in our app roadmap, which is focused on creating a safer, more convenient way to fly. When paired with a Stratus Audio Cable, the ATC Radio Transcription feature works similar to visual voicemail. ATC communications are converted into text and displayed directly above the audio playback line, providing a helpful visual assist for referencing previous audio clips. This enables pilots to receive a clearance, ATIS, or other important ATC communications without needing to write them down.

The speech recognition and language understanding technology that drives the Radio Transcription feature was custom-designed by our Artificial Intelligence (AI) division. Learn more in the Appareo press release.

Appareo Aviation introduces Stratus Insight

(March 31, 2020) — Appareo today introduced a new flight app called Stratus Insight™. Stratus Insight is an electronic flight bag (EFB) suite that includes VFR sectional maps, IFR low/high charts, geo-referenced approach plates, TAWS, and AHRS with synthetic vision. Beyond typical EFB features, Stratus Insight also provides ATC Radio Transcription and Playback, Vertical Weather Profile, Radar Forecast, and Smart Flight Plan. The Stratus Insight application supports integration with all generations of StratusTM receivers, which provide subscription-free weather, WAAS GPS information, and ADS-B traffic to the app during flight.

You can find more details in the news release.

Appareo Acquires Aerovie

(June 18, 2019) — We are very excited to share the news that we’ve joined forces with Appareo Aviation (makers of Stratus), to bring you the industry’s most advanced electronic flight bag. Appareo has acquired Aerovie, LLC. Some of the planned enhancements to the Aerovie app will be the inclusion of features that Appareo developed for its own app, including backup AHRS, Radio Playback, and Radio Transcription, which converts ATC communications into text that’s displayed directly above the audio playback line.

You can find more details in the news release. Blue skies ahead!

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