Tips For Getting Started

Create an Aircraft Profile
To get started, Stratus Insight needs more information on your aircraft.

Create a Flight Plan
Enter your airports and waypoints to create a flight plan, which will ensure you have accurate weather information.

Set Your Departure Details
Use the flight plan editor to set the departure date, departure time, and altitude.

Download Charts and Weather
Use the download flight check tool to download charts, METARs, TAFs, NOTAMs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, and TFRs for your flight. 

Radio transcription and playback
Using a Stratus Audio Cable, ATC communications are recorded and converted into text, providing a helpful visual assist for referencing previous audio clips.

Connect Stratus
Connect your Stratus receiver to Stratus Insight for WAAS GPS, AHRS, in-flight weather, and ADS-B traffic.

Turn on ADS-B traffic
Once connected to your Stratus receiver, turn on the ADS-B traffic layer to begin seeing traffic targets.

Turn on ADS-B weather
Once connected to your Stratus receiver, turn on the ADS-B weather layers to see the radar, cloud tops, etc.


Stratus Insight connects to a Stratus receiver using a WiFi signal, and requires a Stratus Audio Cable to enable the ATC Radio Transcription and Playback feature. The cable connects the iPhone/iPad to your headset and radio.

Please refer to the information below regarding iOS device compatibility, and if you have a question about compatibility with your aircraft, our support team is happy to help. Stratus Insight is only available for the U.S.

iOS Version

The most recent version of Stratus Insight works with iOS 13 or newer.


Stratus Insight does not support the following:

  • iPad 3 and older
  • iPad mini 3 and older
  • iPhone 5S and older
  • iPad Air 1 (transcriptions will not work, only audio playback)
  • iPod Touch 4 and older

Stratus Insight app version 5.10 does not support landscape orientation with an iPhone. Please use Portrait orientation when using the Stratus Insight app on your iPhone.

Note: The latest iPad Pro (with a Type C connector) is not compatible with the Stratus Audio Cable, and will require a USB Type C to 3.5mm Aux Headphone Jack Adapter. There are three options available for purchase on Amazon in the $10-$15 range: TranescaACCGUYS, and Chilison.

How can we help?

Please note: support hours are Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM central time.

 Please fill out the support form or call 701-356-2200 or email for further assistance. 

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